SLO by wattage/ft or lumen output/ft
Color Temp
Consumed Wattage/ft
Delivered Light Output/ft
Spec Code  
Light Loss Factor (LLF) Compared to IES file of "DHL" Lumen Output and "835" Color Temp (3500K-80 CRI)  

Light Loss Factor (LLF) above does not account for any Lamp Lumen Depreciation (LLD) or Luminaire Dirt Depreciation (LDD) from the given IES file. The LLF given is solely from the CCT and CRI variation from provided IES files. User should consider, based on application and desired results, applying further loss factors. Based on LED manufacturers LM-80 test report and thermal properties of the luminaire TM-21 Projection L90 > 60,000 hours. For more detailed calculated Lamp Lumen Depreciation or LED manufactures LM-80 report please consult factory.