A new wave of the

Best & Brightest

Together, we design and craft architectural lighting on the California coast. And we do it with style. Imagination defines us, that and a commitment to thinking on the bright side. Unbound by convention, we dare differently. It’s why we don’t hesitate to dive into the deep-end to discover better ways of doing business.

At Extant, we’re driven to define what’s next.

Our Team

Steve Koch

President | Co-Founder

A solution-oriented engineer with 18 years in the industry, Steve lights the way for Extant. With his ability to listen and adapt, he takes bright ideas one step further—and makes friends along the way. When Steve isn’t implementing new strategies or developing innovative technologies, he’s at the beach with his family. As a U.C. San Diego grad and a Southern California native, fishing and other ocean sports are his idea of a good time.

Bill Lynch

Principal | Co-Founder

Bill is a Philadelphia native and die-hard Eagles football fan. His passions include building relationships with clients, co-workers, and creatives in the field—after 25 years in the lighting industry he knows talent when he sees it. An energetic leader who’s honed his craft, Bill brings our team together. When he’s not strengthening ties at Extant, you can catch him on the golf course with friends, cooking large dinners with his family, or scouting his next caribbean getaway.

Erik Smith

CRO | Co-Founder

Erik is a fun-loving family man and outdoor enthusiast: golf, hiking, snow skiing, and wakesurfing are just a few of the many sports he loves. Outgoing and extremely driven, Erik has a knack for motivating others and bringing out their best—it’s how he’s attracted the brightest here at Extant. He prides himself on the fixtures and technology the team has developed, and gets excited every time a project is completed. Erik received his bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and spends his limited free time at Avila Beach with his wife and kids (including his black lab Gilly).

Adam Snyder

Inside Sales Manager

From selling his parents on a new pair of soccer cleats as a kid, to marketing and selling homes early in his career, Adam brings a lifetime of experience in compelling communication to Extant. An energetic go-getter who has never met a stranger, Adam crafts creative solutions that ensure client needs are met. Earning customer confidence and respect is his greatest reward (along with a trip to the brewery). His personal pursuits include mountain biking, golfing, fishing, and playing soccer.

Sam Soeth

Eastern Regional Manager

Sam is all about building meaningful and lifelong relationships, whether it be with colleagues or the neighborhood mailman. An eternal optimist who has “never had a bad day,” it’s his love of people that motivates him, especially his family and their annual vacation together. His competitive spirit, work ethic and willingness to learn is also part of what makes him a perfect addition to the Extant team – and quite the golfer when he’s not in the office. A Newton Square, Penn., native, and graduate of Temple University, Sam now lives in Philadelphia.

Desiree Gillaspy

Customer Experience Manager/Marketing

Whether it’s bringing marketing projects to life or developing connections with customers, Desiree brings Swiss Army knife-like versatility to our team. Quick-witted and adventurous, she’s all about ensuring our customer experience transcends expectation. Desiree is a Cal Poly grad and Central Coast native who loves hiking and the beach, but that easy-going vibe quickly disappears when it comes to golf or any other activity that can be turned into a competition.

Marlena Schwarz

Office Manager

A Huntington Beach girl at heart, Marlena brings over a decade of management experience to the Extant team. From organizing office systems to coordinating clients, Marlena’s friendly and compassionate attitude brings light to every project. Issues big and small don’t phase her; this power mom thrives on the challenge. When Marlena isn’t keeping our rowdy bunch in check, you can find her feet up with a good book while her husband makes music in their home.

Art Smith

Director of Product Development

Whether he’s cracking jokes or troubleshooting products, this quick-witted perfectionist is always looking to make improvements. From serving in the U.S. Army to decades in the lighting and tech industries, Art’s extensive experiences make him a key player here at Extant. It’s impossible for Art to cut corners—he’s obsessed with excellency and ensures everything we deliver is top-of-the-line. San Francisco born and happy in Huntington Beach, Art’s wit and charm make everyday at Extant brighter.

Jesus Ascencio

Director of Sustaining Engineering

Jesus is our quiet creative and our team relies on his ingenuity. He’s all about design⁠—visualizing solutions to dynamic production challenges is his forte. Watching his illustrations turn into beautiful functioning products is a thrilling process. Santa Ana born, Jesus received his degree in Mechanical Design from Technical Institute. Jesus is a total movie buff, when he’s not busy designing he’s at the theatre or basking in his collection of Blu-Rays and movie memorabilia.