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Extant Express
9-Day Shipping
(Not Currently Available)

We regret to inform you that our Extant Express Shipping (QAF) program is not currently available, due to the global supply chain issues affecting our industry. However, while the other folks have 2-3 month lead times, we are still providing standard lead times of 4-6 weeks*. Keep your deadlines and shape up your space.

At Extant, expect more.

Standard Lead Times

Standard lead times are 4-6 weeks for non-customized products.

Customized Lead Time

At Extant, we get excited to craft cool fixtures for customized applications. Due to the design and engineering requirements on customized fixtures, longer lead times will be required. No customization or modifications will be accepted for the 9-day quick ship program

* 200’ maximum per order. Larger orders will be subject to longer lead times.

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Products Available in
4-6 Week Lead Times

  • Huntington 1
  • Huntington 3
  • Remote & Integral Driver
  • All standard lengths
  • All color temperatures
  • 80 & 90 CRI
  • All Standard Optics
  • (VU) Standard Universal Voltage 0-10V 1%-10% Driver
  • (SA) Silver Anodized, (WP) Matte White, (BP) Matte Black Finishes
  • All standard mounting options (Suspended, Wall, Recessed, Surface, Direct/Indirect Suspended, Direct/Indirect Wall)