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At Extant, environmental sustainability has been a core value from day one. Since our inception, we have continually found ways to eliminate waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and push our vendors to live by the same standards.

At a Glance

How We Reduce Our Environmental Impact

  • Innovative product design uses 75% less material
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 90% of vendors within 10 miles
  • All e-waste, glass, plastics & metals recycled
  • All packaging recyclable
  • All aluminum extrusions recyclable
  • All electronic components are RoHS compliant

Through design and thoughtful engineering, our MEO technology allows us to create diminutive form factors which make use of 75% less material than traditional linear products.

Manufacturing in Huntington Beach, CA doesn’t just keep our local American workforce employed, it also significantly reduces our carbon footprint. With 90% of our vendors located within a 10 mile radius, we’ve significantly reduced costs, while keeping emissions low by limiting miles traveled on land, sea, or air. In our Huntington Beach, CA factory we have a sustainability and recycling program that significantly reduces landfill waste and reduces our carbon footprint. The scope of this program includes but is not limited to the recycling of all e-waste, glass, plastics, and metals.

All of our packaging material is fully recyclable, and we have taken great care to design our fixture packaging to limit the material required. Moreover, all of our aluminum extrusions are recyclable which aid in end of life recycling as well as scrap recycling and our electronic components are RoHS compliant.

At Extant, we continue to strive to do better each day. We strive to deliver better light, design better profiles, and create better work/play environments while limiting our environmental impact.

At Extant, expect more.

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