Huntington 3

HTGDU-3W Direct/Indirect Wall | Arm



  • Innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics™ delivers unparalleled optic control and exceptional performance with seamless illumination and uniformity. Specify Batwing, Glare Control, or Diffused (Lambertian) Optics.

  • Surface Wall Mount or Rotational Arm with 1″ Hub.

  • MEOallows for minimalistic 3” Aperture fixtures with extremely low profiles.

  • PRO optics available with Asymmetric, Wide and Narrow distributions.

  • Individually controlled Direct and Indirect MEOoptics and lumen outputs.

  • Innovative Toolless “Push to Eject” system allows for easy installation and serviceability.

  • Individual fixture lengths and seamless continuous rows with no lens breaks, pixelation or hotspots up to 400 feet.

  • Integral Driver, Remote Driver, In-Canopy Driver and In-Canopy Emergency Driver options.

  • Specified Lumen Outputs (SLO) available

  • Proudly crafted in Huntington Beach, CA – USA.


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    HTGDU-3 Remote Driver
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    HTGDU-3 Integral Driver


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