Huntington 1

Huntington 1

  • Innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics™ creates precise optic control, seamless illumination and uniformity with no pixilation or hot spots. Specify Batwing, Asymmetric or Diffused Optics.
  • MEO allows for minimalistic 1.5” Aperture fixtures with extremely low profiles
  • Individual fixture lengths and seamless continuous runs with no lens breaks up to 400 feet.
  • No visible fasteners
  • Custom powder coat and anodized finishes
  • Specified Lumen Outputs (SLO) available
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EdgeTech Optics

Our innovative Microstructure EdgeTech Optics (MEO) delivers exceptional light quality with seamless illumination and uniformity. Pixelation, hot spots and lens breaks are a thing of the past. MEO allows us to design extremely low-profile fixtures while providing independent optic options with batwing, asymmetric or diffused light distribution.

MEO – Brilliant by Design


HTG-1 Recessed


Rectangle (AxB)
U-Shape (AxBxC)
L-Shape (AxB)

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